Custom hair


The LA Weave Weft is a very time effective semi-permanent hair transformation! I am happy to say I offer this type of extension, as not many specialist offer it. It is safe and gentle for the hair and uses no glue or chemicals. Using a thin machine weft combined with the silicone micro ring technology, I attach each micro ring to your hair, making your har consistently thicker and or longer. The hair is reusable and should be maintained every four months.


Tape-in hair extensions are the latest semi-permanent extension method on the market. Their main appeal is that they are quick and easy to fit in and customize. This method does not include heat or chemicals. It is very gentle on the hair and blends seamlessly even in thinner hair. The extensions are pre-taped with medical grade adhesive and then sandwiched on either side of your own hair. They feel extremely lightweight and can be reused. These types of hair extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks before needing a maintenance appointment.


Micro-ring extensions are one of the least damaging methods on the market. Micro-rings are attached in very small sections of your own hair and tightened using a clamping tool. Often confused with its cousin, the Hot fusion method, the microbead has a faster removal requiring no chemicals or products. The beads are lined with silicone, therefore cushion your natural hair and stay put for an average of 3 months. Some individuals are able to wear them longer but I find it depends on your hair texture, lifestyle and environment.


Hot Fusion is a permanent extension method used by many celebrities!
(Also known as glue-in, or Kera-Link at Donna Bella) Individual strands of extension hair is bonded to very small sections of your natural hair with a melted keratin based bonding polymer. The Keratin bonds are natural (found in human hair) and are highly customizable in terms of size, colour and placement. This is the strongest hair extension link on the market and generally needs the least maintenance. Though the hair cannot be reused, the finish is very natural and can last up to six months.


Nano-links are currently the smallest and newest method of extensions on the market. The process involves placing very small sections of your hair into the nano link. The ring itself is much more discreet than any other type of extension due to its size. Unlike some other methods it is also thin-hair friendly and very comfortable. This method allows for gentle application without the use of adhesives, heat, glue, sewing or braiding. The Nano-Link Hair Extensions are extremely lightweight, meaning it does not irritate the scaplt or create tension on your bio hair. The nano-link method will last anywhere from 3-5 months.


Clip-in hair extensions are the DIY solution for easy length, volume, or colour change-up. They fall under the temporary extension genre because you have to reinstall them every day by yourself. Since you have to put them in every time you want to wear them, clip-ins require the most work but with practice, they can be very versatile and quick. They’re the perfect solution for fashionistas that want a no-commitment, no-hassle extension method. Generally speaking, I recommend this type of extension for someone with medium to thick hair, clips are the bulkiest type of hair extension.