Is your hair 100% Human Hair?

Yes! Human hair offers the most natural look and feel. It means you can treat it as your own, curl, colour and wash them! It is incredibly soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair and tangles much less. With proper care, your hair can last over two years.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair means that all of the cuticles are intact running in the same direction. With all of the cuticles flowing in the same direction from root to tip, there will be almost no tangling or matting.

Where does the hair come from?

Most hair manufacturers are started in China and India, meaning the hair has been heavily treated and is generally coarser. I use European hair, which I find last longer and is more customizable.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair Extensions are customized to each individual person and pricing varies depending on length, texture and density of your natural hair. It is always best to book a consultation in order to pick the best method for you and your hair!

What lengths do you have?

I carry extensions ranging from 12″ to 24″.

Can I wear my hair up?

Yes, you can wear your hair up! As your hair begins to grow out it actually gets a little easier to wear your hair up. With any semi or permanent method of extension, there is always a chance you could potentially see a bond. Keep some bobby pins handy in case you need to pop one in to hide one of the bonds, or get a pair of clip-ins!

How long will the hair last?

Hair extensions will last you 12 plus months with proper care.

How long does the application take?

This is a hard question to answer but with the help of a picture reference, I can estimate each hair extension method you are interested in before consultation if you email me.

When do I book my maintenance appointment?

I suggest booking your maintenance appointment on the day of application. They are usually booked within 6-8 weeks but depending on the type and your bio hair appointments could be booked as late as 12 weeks. Because maintenence appointments can take long, it is important you keep in mind the appointment time duration when booking.

Can you cut and colour my hair ?

Sure can, this is my specialty! My quote on your consultation date includes a cut and you can chose to customize the colours I carry or mix them up!

Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?

When applied professionally, hair extensions do not damage your bio hair. It is important to see a specialist to not put too much pressure on the small induvidual strands of hair on your scalp!

Will any of my hair extensions fall out?

If you choose to go with Microring, Nanolink or Fusion hair extensions, it’s normal to lose about 10 bonds per month. Hold onto your Microring and Nanolink bonds as they are reusable and can be used again at your next maintenance appointment.